About e-Presenter

Today’s delegates and speakers expect a higher level of conference services than ever before. Our research has shown that electronic posters are the new emerging technology in Europe, Japan and USA and our overseas colleagues were pleased to advise us that electronic posters is a proven drawcard to increase delegate numbers.

How does ePresenter work?

ePresenter works like an online registration application where authors are able to create and work on their own dedicated web based portal. After creating their own secure portal, authors will be able to:

  • create and upload a poster via a template
  • change the content of a submitted poster directly in the system
  • submit the posterA dedicated mailbox will be created to enable communication with authors and to upload posters for those who are unable to use the portal.The poster submission process can be opened three months prior to the conference. The organising committee can conveniently access the system through a secured login and can review every poster online. This process of accepting or rejecting posters will increase the level of scientific posters at your conference.Onsite, computer terminals will be provided and each terminal will provide access to all submitted and accepted posters. Delegates will be able to search for posters via the poster title, authors’ names and predefined categories. Delegates have the option to communicate with the authors via email and to download a poster to their own flash stick provided that the respective author has given consent.

After the conference has concluded, electronic posters can be made available online in a secure “members only” area or on CDROM. Hosting of these posters will be available for 12 months post conference.